Simultaneous Translation

Our business, naturally, is all about language and getting the translation right first time is what we do best.

From press releases to annual reports and conferences to television programmes, our decades of experience delivers the best and attracts the best to work with us.

To communicate effectively is to understand one another. That’s where we come in.

Unashamed language lovers.

Big but small.

Big on experience, small enough to take really good care of our clients and staff.


Call us language geeks, but the world’s words fascinate us.

To translate is one thing but to avoid anything getting lost in translation is our challenge.

From a mission statement to a legal agreement, our dedicated teams of translators and editors devour sentences of text in no time.

Whether you need to translate just a few words or pages upon pages of complicated jargon, just pass it over.

We’re hungry for words to digest.

Simultaneous Translation

What is simultaneous translation? Simply put, you speak we translate. There and then.

Wherever those little headphones are required – at a conference, press launch, legal hearing or government debate – we won’t be far behind.


While it can be fun to make up your own words when watching programmes or films in a foreign language, subtitling can open up a whole new world of understanding.

Not ones to show off, but we were the first company to subtitle Welsh-language programmes into English when S4C introduced its 888 service. Since then programmes which would have been a turn-off have become a turn-on for many. We are finding the same is increasingly true of our corporate DVD clients.

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